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Esports betting explained for dummies

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    Esports refers to professional competitive gaming video format involving individual players or teams. Unlike traditional video gaming, participants in esports don’t compete with AI but with real humans.

    Massive esports championships featuring superstar esports clubs and esports professionals compete in the face of screaming spectators – while millions of viewers watch on live platforms such as, Facebook Gaming, or YouTube Gaming.

    With the demand for digital content rising, esports has managed to gain massive popularity and it continues to grow with the release and updating of popular games on multiple platforms.

    Can you bet on esports?

    Yes, you can bet on esports games. Like traditional physical sports, betting companies provide opportunities for esports fans to also place bets on their favorite games.

    To place a bet, go to your favorite betting platform and on the best odds, which will be recorded in the betting slip. After that, you must assess how much money you are ready to risk on the esports wager.

    Most wagering slips will automatically calculate your possible winnings. After you place your bet all you have to do now is sit back and wait for the results to appear.

    Before being able to bet on esports, ensure your bookmaker has the esports category in the games list. If you don’t have one yet, you can find one that offers esports such as BetWinner.

    After you’ve validated your account, you’ll need to choose a payment option for your initial deposit. Remember to take full advantage of welcome offers and bonuses.

    After creating your account and depositing some money, you may browse the platform’s esports odds and then choose a game that appears to have a decent chance of paying off.

    To show how much your wager could yield, you should have the ability to switch between fractional and decimal odds.

    Remember always to play responsibly and read some solid betting tips to guide you before you place bets.

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    How does esports betting work?

    Fortunately, the wagering process isn’t too different for newbies. Preferably they should choose a sportsbook platform that already provides sports gambling in general.

    In-play and pre-match betting is available, with odds shown as decimals or fractions.

    The distinction between esports and regular sports boils down to the kinds of bets one can make.

    You can navigate between sports, leagues, and events that you’d like to wager on, just like you can when dealing with other sports.

    After that, all you have to do is click on your selection, and they’ll be recorded on your betting slip.

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    Is betting on esports legal?

    It is legal to gamble on esports provided gambling is permitted in your country or region, and you have attained the legal gambling age.

    After you register an account with a competent and trustworthy bookmaker, you should anticipate them to check your age, identification, location, and methods of payment.

    We’ve all heard horror stories involving gambling websites that aren’t registered or controlled. This is against the law and provides you with no security.

    So, before deciding where to wager on esports, ensure your selected betting site has a license and is regulated in your region.

    Never consider a site that doesn’t have a license, including some skin gambling websites, because a reputable licensing and regulatory body ensures that any esports wager is fair.

    When browsing for esports bookmarkers online, look for licenses that are more carefully regulated.

    Ensure they have certificates indicating that they adhere to rigorous standards of player protection.

    Rather than risking your income on skin betting, make sure the betting site exclusively accepts real cash deposits made with reliable credit cards, cryptocurrencies, debit cards, and e-wallets.

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    Esports betting sites worth trying out

    Even though it is a relatively new sport, it is gaining popularity among the masses each day.

    Online gambling is no exception. Esports has earned its rightful position, and now there are even esports-specific bookmakers.

    Finding the ideal esports gambling site ought to be a top priority for everyone. Long-term profitability will be challenging to attain if you choose substandard esports gambling sites, regardless of your effectiveness in selecting bets.

    Although, in today’s fast-paced society, having the ability to wager quickly could be crucial for any digital or traditional sports bettor.

    My personal recommendation for betting sites that offer great odds on esports betting are BetWinner and MelBet. Feel free to check them out and try your luck.

    The esports betting industry in a nutshell

    In 2019, the esports betting market was valued at $1 billion, and the value is still rising. It has a great potential that experts predict esports will double the industry’s value within several years.

    According to reports from Market Insight, the esports gambling industry would have a growth rate of 13 percent CAGR in four years.

    In terms of dollars, the business might be worth 13 billion dollars by the year 2025.

    A massive expansion in the fans is the primary driver of such phenomenal growth. Esports has grown in popularity as a form of entertainment with the number of fans increasing from 170 million up to 250 million between 2018 and 2020.

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    As we have seen above, esports is a new and exciting sports category that you need to give a try. Make sure that you chose the best site that suits your need.


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