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The best betting apps in Kenya

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    Since betting is more convenient with mobile betting apps, there are many betting apps in Kenya that you can download.

    Besides convenience, mobile betting apps come with many other benefits – the most obvious being that they are mobile and portable, allowing you to bet at any moment.

    Here’s a breakdown of some of the top betting apps in Kenya.


    The Betway App is a handy and effective tool and one of the best betting apps in Kenya. Don’t be fooled by the Betway app’s simple design.

    The app is quite powerful. It has a fantastic sportsbook with a wide range of betting features and options.

    On the Betway mobile app, you can create a new account, deposit money, place bets, withdraw wins, live stream your favourite matches, and do a lot more.


    When it comes to design, Betwinner is arguably the best-looking app in the local betting business. It borrows from the simple yet intuitive design that you can find on their website.

    The app’s design makes it awesome for live betting. For live betting lovers, Betwinner is a major go!

    When you first open the Betwinner app, you’ll find a list of the most recent live matches, neatly organized by sport.

    If none of the featured matches appeal to you, you can always delve further into Betwinner’s live betting library and discover the incredible betting app possibilities.

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    The 22Bet app in Kenya fits all of the criteria for a quality betting app. It comes with a user-friendly interface that takes a few seconds to get the hang of.

    When you install the app and sign up, you will also be eligible for a 100% welcome bonus.

    For example, if you join 22Bet and make a deposit of Ksh. 2000, you will be given an additional Ksh. 2000 as a welcome bonus. That’s right, 22Bet will double the amount of your first deposit!


    MelBet is the worst of the mentioned betting companies when it comes to app design, but it isn’t too bad considering the number of extra bonuses they offer.

    For instance, you can claim a 200% bonus upon registration up to a certain deposit amount.

    Also, if you use our Promo Code: BETAVATOR when signing up, you’ll get a 130% bonus on your first deposit. Feel free to try it out!

    How to bet and win in Kenya

    For many Kenyans, football is a favourite source of entertainment, and with football, comes betting.

    Since betting sites began operating in Kenya, there has been an increase in support for international as well as local sports. 

    To engage in betting activities in Kenya, you can use the bookmarker’s website, app, or text message.

    However, you need a strategy and tips to ensure you win your bets.

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    Understand basic Math

    If you’ve ever said, “I’m not a numbers man, but…” then you generally shouldn’t be a betting guy.

    Many bettors rely on instinct and gut feeling when placing bets but this can be detrimental to long-term success.

    Betting needs a sustainable staking plan and an understanding of what the odds represent in terms of probability.

    Simply, sports betting is a numbers game, and it’ll some understanding of basic math (division and multiplication).

    Have the balls to go for the ugly duckling

    The longer we bet the more we develop a soft spot for the team that no one likes. The worse a possible wager appears on paper, the better we feel about it.

    This viewpoint is obviously counterintuitive, but the less a team is liked by the general population, the more valuable they appear.

    This is especially true for a club that has played well over a long period with a terrible run of four or five games.

    See how the general public jumps off of them and how their value rises.

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    With this fact in mind, don’t overcommit your analysis to any recent losing streak. All other parameters are still equally important in your analysis.

    Likewise, don’t let a recent winning streak instill false confidence in you and cause you to overstretch yourself.

    Stick to your plan and conduct your analysis as you normally would.

    Have a long-term betting strategy

    Betting looks like a get-rich-quick scheme but it’s way more than that. To be successful, you need to play the long game.

    Grow your betting bankroll, gradually increase the amount you wager on each match, and you’ll soon find yourself generating some decent extra income.

    Success is not guaranteed but definitely much better than risking most of your money early on.

    Betting is more of a marathon rather than a sprint. In this regard, growing your bankroll will take some time.

    On the other hand, the compound interest impact will work in your favor if you are patient enough with a little bit of luck.

    What appears to be painfully sluggish progress will eventually take on a spectacular exponential dynamic.

    Use multi-bets selectively

    You should know when to use multi-bets and when not to. Sure, they promise a big payout, but they are a poor way to wager unless you have done your research and found actual value.

    Consider it this way – If you placed a four-leg multi-bet at a total price, even with money odds of 2.00 per leg, the total odds for the multi would be 16.00.

    Let’s take a real-world example where you’ve been offered 1.90 for “even money,” with the bookmaker deducting 5% – the odds for the same four-leg multi would be just 13.00.

    That’s over 19 percent of the bet’s total value.

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    The bottom-line

    There are many other companies in Kenya that you can join but these three have quite good rewards for new registrations.

    Lastly, remember that it’s crucial to master the necessary skills for betting to ensure you maximize your chances of winning a bet.

    This post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission if you sign up through some of the links at no extra cost to you!


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